Friday, December 7, 2007

More concrete...

Today at 11 a.m. Matt (ICF contractor) starting pouring the ICF walls full of concrete. The local representative for the company who made our ICF Blocks (Reward Wall Systems) was onsite to watch the pour. The next step will be to have the framers come in and put up the engineered trusses.

Just so we can throw around some numbers. Our slab took about 5.5 truck loads of concrete...10 yds of concrete per truck...4050 lbs of concrete per yard = ~223,000 lbs of concrete in the slab. Add to that the walls that were poured today which used approximately 24 yards of concrete which equals ~97,000 lbs of concrete.

That gives us a current house weight (concrete alone) of ~320,000 lbs. Keep in mind there are two more floors of concrete to pour and all the interior work to do. Do you think we'll have any problems the next time a hurricane comes through town? :)

The pics today show the walls being filled. Enjoy!

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