Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just some pics for today..

Baby A is starting to get up off the ground. Top row 1st pic: Matt (ICF contractor) and Gail (the project manager). Top row 2nd pic: The whole house as it currently stands. Top row 3rd pic: This pic is taken from what will one day be the entry walkway. Bottom row 1st pic: Shows the bases for the front fence...keep in mind that each of those bases is solid concrete..and sitting on top of a 18" concrete footing...which is sitting on top of two bell piers drilled over 12 feet into the soil. Are we building a house or some weird religious compound? :) Bottome row 2nd pic: A shot inside the ICF walls so you can get an idea of where the concrete will be. That space is about 6" wide, so there is going to be a lot of concrete between us and the elements. Bottom row 3rd pic: Simply a shot from the street. More pics later this week as we are scheduled to pour the ICF walls full of concrete..and the driveway by the end of the week...barring any unforeseen surprises from the city.

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Adrach said...

The house is awesome and everything, but the photography is tremendous! That's like one of those 3-2-1 Contact type of close-up photos where you get to guess what the close-up is.