Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ground has been broken!!

It's been about a month since my last post. Surprisingly, we've made LOTS of progress...but not without a couple of surprising expenses. In the pics for this post, you can see that they've started framing up the slab and cutting in the beams in the slab. Last week they put drilled for the piers that support the slab. This is where one of the surprise expenses came from. Turns out that our engineering firm Interfield Engineering based their slab plan on only a preliminary soil report and never asked for the final report. No big deal except that when they went to drill for the piers the instructions sent them 1 foot too deep...causing them to hit water. The surprise expense came because we had to get a soil engineer onsite that day to provide options. All went well and we were able to get the piers drilled and poured. The other surprise expense came from the fact that we were told that we needed to tear down the garage prior to the lot being graded. Now that the garage is gone and the lot has been graded, I'm not sure why there was such a rush on it.
Moving to today... When I went by this morning, the plumbers were there to get started on getting the plumbing into the slab. I saw a lot of rebar there, so I'm assuming they will putting in the rebar this week or next. Gail did let me know that Matt (the ICF contractor) will be starting his part of the job on December 6. That will be when we officially start going up. Stay tuned!

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