Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finally, it begins...

10/15/07 - We finally achieved a major milestone. We got our building permits approved by the city of Houston. At this point, most people think you just start building. Oh, but that doesn't happen on Baby Alexander. Due to the extreme incompetence of our house mover, Texas House Movers and the queen of this incompetent organization Donna Holcomb....oh I need to talk about what happen...not about incompetence. Donna forgot to get a demo permit when she moved the house. So our builder had to pull a permit...sounds simple enough...except the fact that we still have a garage there....yeah, we failed a demo permit...shame. Anyway, we are going to make a note on the permit request and get it approved by the city. Yeah, and then the classy folks in the neighborhood had a buffett with the junk that we left in the garage. Sorry, we're kinda upset right now. This project has had some high points and low is one of the low points. One of the high points so far is our builder Alex and Gail of Atlantis Construction and Remodeling. Hopefully our opinion of them doesn't they seem to be genuinely good people with our best interests..and budget in time. In case you are interested, their site is .
Just so that we can start some pics, here is a pic of the lot as it currently stands.
Summary: Donna Holcomb / Texas House Movers - THEY SUCK! : CITY OF HOUSTON - Picky, but quick on their turnaround : MOOD THIS POST - strong down finger.

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