Friday, February 1, 2008

Drive on a parkway...park on a driveway..

A couple of delays recently between our engineer and Matt. We've had about a 2 week break, but, we are making a little progress. Our driveway/sidewalks are formed up and should be poured Monday. I will post pics then. With a driveway, we can get a dumpster which will allow the site to be much cleaner. Actually, in visiting the site last night with friends, we noticed that all the wood that was left over from the framing has been stacked nicely in the garage...and the slab has been swept completely clean. A far cry from other worksites that I've seen. Additionally, all of the trusses and decking have been installed on the second floor, so once Gail gives Matt the go, he can start stacking up the ICF blocks for the second floor. I'm guessing we'll see a second floor in the next week or two. I will post again soon with more updates.

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